A layer of a few microns of EVAL™ adds very little additional material to the packaging. It does however add some very valuable barrier function: Oxygen barrier - 10,000x better performance than LDPE, for months of extended protection. Flavour/Aroma barrier - EVAL™ helps protect against the permeation of odours into the package, and keeps flavours inside where they belong. MOSH/MOAH barrier- EVAL™ is an effective barrier against mineral oils typically contained in the recycled paperboard used to distribute packs, making sure milk remains safe as well as fresh. Less waste - Longer shelf life means less waste during distribution. The small additional cost of adding tiny thickesses of EVAL™ to a pouch can be more than offset by the resulting savings generated by the extension of shelf life and avoidance of waste. All-plastic construction - EVAL™ provides the required barrier function to packaging in all-plastic structures that will not disrupt polyolefin recycling streams. No cold c

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