The analysis of total fat and moisture by TD-NMR is as easy as inserting the non-grinded sample into an empty tube, weighing the sample and insertion of the sample tube into the minispec machine. A couple of seconds later accurate and reliable results for percent total fat and moisture will be displayed. This traditional TD-NMR standard method works fine for a big range of samples, like food and feed, seeds, press cake and residues, single seeds and corn, but also for medical powders and tablets, chemicals like sulfur, polymers and others. In the food area chocolate has to be mentioned in first place, as well as milk or baking powders. But this NMR method is also applied to crisps / chips and other non-homogenous samples. The NMR system screens all the hydrogen nuclei, on the surface but also in the centre of the sample and everywhere. The moisture content in all those samples should not exceed a certain limit, i.e. moisture should be present in the sample as bound water. For...


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