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DIAROND - Overview


Non-Contact In-line Measurement of Diameter and Roundnesss. For rod bar and tubes. For finishing, peeling, grinding, straightening, quality control (NDT). DIAROND is a novel, non-contact measuring system from Zumbach. It allows to measure, simultaneously the diameter and the roundness of cold processed steel products in the production or testing line. So far, a measurement of roundness and shape deviation can be done only on samples by means of tactile laboratory-measuring machines (e.g. MAHR, MITUTOYO, TAYLOR HOBSON etc) but not continuously in the production line. Conventional optical in-line gauges, allow for accurate measurement of diameter and limited capability for ovality, but no possibility for roundness or shape. The solution A high-precision, 3-axes laser head ODAC ® TRIO measures at high frequency and fully synchronized, 3 x diameters at 60° offset to each other, and 6 x corresponding tangent points on the periphery of the product. All measured values are stored in...

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