Thermal Foil Insulation Roll

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Our aluminum foil insulation roll is not only very suitable for traditional insulation needs, but also very suitable for cars, trucks, recreational vehicles (RV / car home), sound insulation, noise reduction and insulation of campsites (tent lining, sleeping bag cushion), household (Water heater packaging, pull-down (attic) staircase cover, hot water radiator reflector, wrapped water pipe and piping system, reflective window insulation. It is even a great choice for carpet pads and trampolines! The product has one use and other uses. Our aluminum foil insulation roll is not only versatile, but also easy to operate and install. It can be easily cut with a utility knife or scissors. It can be installed only by binding, using glue or spray adhesive. No mess, no itching! It has excellent flexibility and strong cushioning, making it resistant to repeated shocks.

Thermal insulation materials
  • sound insulation
  • heat insulation
  • anti-corrosion

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