Thermal Transfer Ribbon(TTR)


Thermal Transfer Ribbon is basically a polyester film on which are coated different layers. Ink layer is transferred to the label thanks to the heat delivered by the thermal head of the thermal printer. Printing with Thermal Transfer Ribbons is a proven technique to deliver durable variable codes, such as barcodes, that always read or scan. It produces dense, high-resolution images in colour or black-and-white. Additionally, it can be used on a wide variety of substrates. Images made with these ribbons are highly resistant to chemicals and extremely durable. The printers work at high speeds and require little maintenance. JUMBO ROLL: 890 X 18,100 (16,109 SQM) FINISHED ROLL: CUSTOMAZING

  • Continuous printing
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbon
  • thermal printer
  • bar code printers

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