Thermal fire detector

Thermocable ProReact Analogue LHD


ProReact Analogue LHD is a new high-tech, universal linear thermal fire detector, which is a four-core twisted pair of copper conductors coated with a temperature-sensitive doped polymer. In response to the built-in software of the interface unit, the sensitivity of the cable is adjusted depending on factors and the ambient temperature. The range of sensitivity of the fire detector is from + 54°С to 105°С. ProReact Analogue LHD is a non-destructible thermal cable that responds to temperature changes at any point. When the temperature rises as a result of a fire, a fire signal is sent to the interface module, and if the temperature does not exceed 125°С, then the system fully restores its operability.

Fire protection equipment
  • fire alarm
  • fire signalling system and equipment
  • Fire safety

Product features

Constructive Four-conductor, low-resistance twisted pair of two copper conductors coated with the latest polymer
Options of protective coatings PVC, nylon, polypropylene, stainless steel braid
Maximum loop length Up to 500 m
Minimum loop length 30,05 m
Diameter 4,5 mm +/- 0,12 mm
Minimum bending radius Reduced to 50 mm
Working range use temperatures of Thermal cable average ambient temperature (from -40 to +90°С);
Working range use temperatures of Thermal cable maximum ambient temperature (from -40°С to +125°С);
Working range use temperatures of Thermal cable controller working range (from 0°С to +50°С)
Temperature actuation range From +54°С (139°F) to 105°С (221°F)
Nominal working voltage 30V DC; 42V AC
Enclosure protection IP65 (IK08) polycarbonate with removable cap
Temperature self-healing Up to +125°С
Software module with end box ProReact Analogue Heat Detector Control Module

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