Thermal insulating plaster Intotherm

Compliant with UNI EN 998-1


Pre-mixed plaster, conforming to the minimum environmental criteria CAM. fibre-reinforced with polypropylene fibres, based on hydraulic binders, expanded polystyrene beads and light mineral aggregates with High thermal insulation. for the realization of plasters with thermal insulating undercoats certified in internal and external and/or thermal protection on beams and pillars in reinforced concrete, for mechanical and manual application. Use as Intofin Flex or Intoras flex finish. Packaging: 50 Lt Sacks-55 sacks Footboards Usage: Indoor/outdoor Color: Grey Particle size: ≤ 5 mm Yield: 1 bag for 1 sqm thickness 4 cm Vapour resistance coefficient EN 1015-19: μ = 9 Capillary water absorption EN 1015-18: Class "W1" Certified Thermal conductivity: λ = 0.07 W/MK * Specific weight dry mortar: 350kg/M Minimum recycled/Recovered quantity: ≤ 10% * Certification: Politecnico di Bari certificate n ° 93/870 Complies with minimum environmental criteria (CAM) DM 11 october 2017 Point 2.4.2.

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