Thermal underwear - Thermal underwear Laplandic™ 21-2010N, Men's turtleneck jumper



Combination of wool and acrylic, used in the composition of this model, as well as special weaving provide effective preservation of heat. The inner layer made of polyester fiber contributes to effective removal of moisture. Reising on the inner side of the fabric improves heat-saving properties due to increased air space.

Product information

10% wool, 50% acrylic, 40% viscose (inner layer - 100% polyester, with reising)
275 g / m2
Intended use
for cold and extremely cold weather conditions at low and moderate physical activity
Intended use
for wearing both indoors and outdoors
Intended use
for outdoor activities
Intended use
for winter sports
Intended use
for tourists, hunters, fishermen, etc.
Temperature Range
from -20C ° to - 40C °
Available colors
available colors