Using the Thermit ® welding process, virtually all rails of widely varying profiles and grades can be joined together without gaps. Thermit ® is composed of aluminium granules and iron oxide, which has a strong exothermal reaction after initial ignition. The high heat of the reaction makes it possible to produce liquid steel at up to 2,300°C without using external sources of energy, as a result of which the ends of rails can be welded together. We can therefore guarantee the secured connection of the rails in heavy-load and high-speed networks, while at the same time increasing travelling comfort and the lifetime of the track. As an end-to-end supplier for the aluminothermic welding we develop, produce and supply all components that are needed for the Thermit ® welding process. Such as: Welding compound (Thermit ® portions) refractory moulds crucibles machines and equipment that are used to carry out the welding We offer the following processes and components: SkV SkV - Thermit ® welding process Rapid welding process with short preheating time – flat bead This process, known today simply as SkV, with falling casting system, short preheating time and central gate, is used on flat bottom rails in operating tracks with a high density of traffic. The standard gap width is 25 mm ± 1 mm.


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