ASCO Sintering Co. produces range of compression connectors – for a number of different aerospace and industrial applications. The applications range from splice connections inside modern aircraft to industrial thermocouple connections. Materials used range from pure nickel – N-0000-10 to pure copper C-0000-7, Monel and varying alloys in between. Densities range from 6.8 g/cc to over 8.0 g/cc. Some of the key material properties of these are ductility – KM124, conductivity, purity of the alloys and the ability of these to be plated for whatever the application requires. Currently these are being produced in range of 0.05 grams to 25 grams in size. Specific configurations are wide open for your application. ** Ask for more **

Sintering - steels and metals
  • Powdered Metal Thermocouple Connectors
  • Powdered metal splice terminals
  • Conductivity connectors for aerospace applications

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