ZRJ Series intelligent thermal meter calibration system is based on a powerful software and hardware platform, and can be configured as different intelligent temperature measurement standard devices and their combinations according to the needs so as to carry out automatic verification/calibration of various primary and secondary contact thermometers. Whereas ZRJ series products are characterized by integration with hardware/software, engineering and services, the complicated factors affecting the measurement results, and the customers’ long-term service demands and wide range of geographical distribution, the company implements the scientific concepts and principles and methods into innovation, standardization, minimum uncertainty and continuous improvement in the product development, production and service processes. After more than 20 years of market experience, the product series have been leading the domestic market in terms of software and hardware, product quality,...

  • ZRJ-03 Intelligent Thermoelectric Instrument Calibration System
  • Intelligent Thermoelectric Instrument Calibration System
  • Thermoelectric Instrument Calibration System for Metrology institutes

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