Thermoformed trays packaging cosmetics have to protect the colour, the fragrance and the valuable active components of your cosmetics. EVAL Europe has especially developed EVALâ„¢ T and J types to provide a very effective and strong protection of the content, even under deep thermoforming conditions. Both EVALâ„¢ T and J types also enable to keep the transparency that is required to market your packed product. Even during handling and storage, the rigidity of the barrier containers will avoid any loss of the packaged goods. What an EVALâ„¢ barrier layer offers: contents retains its consistency, colour, fragrance and most importantly, its cosmetic action even after long periods of storage. resistance to the chemical ingredients of cosmetic products excellent transparency good thermoforming characteristics rigid yet very strong preventing the package from being damaged during transport outstanding barrier against oxygen and fragrance Typical applications Typical structure (in / out) T

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