Thermoplastic Vulcanisate Compounds

Dryflex V


Thermoplastic Vulcanisate or TPV compounds are high performance materials designed for demanding and dynamic applications. They are composed of a highly vulcanised rubber phase dispersed throughout a thermoplastic matrix and combine the processing ease, efficiency and recyclability of a thermoplastic with the improved flexibility, low compression set and resistance to aggressive fluids of a vulcanised rubber. This combination makes TPV’s ideal for variety of applications in several markets such as automotive, construction and appliances. Our Dryflex V range offers: A wide range of hardness’ Grades that can be processed by injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding and thermoforming Service temperatures of -60°C to 135°C Improved resistance to aggressive fluids such as oils, acids, bases and aqueous solutions Low compression set Low flex fatigue Lightweight parts Design flexibility Recyclability Excellent weathering and environmental resistance Download Dryflex V - Thermoplastic

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