Thickness measuring systems THICK-SCAN behind the ContiRoll® optimizes the process and to reduces the costs while, at the same time, assuring the quality standard. If the gauges are located in the sanding line, the tool life of the sanding belts is enhanced and the quality is assured. The time is long past since panel thickness tolerances have been measured during production by handheld devices. Today, however, such measurement is carried out continuously online. In the majority of plants, quality control is not the rst priority for new investment for online thickness measurement. The current trend is to achieve the enormous potential savings in wood raw material, resin and energy consumption. If the upper tolerance level is exceeded, valuable resources are wasted. The Thickness Gauge prevents such losses. It is robust and reliable.

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Siempelkamp Thickness
  • Siempelkamp Sicoscan
  • Contiroll
  • Thick-Scan Sicoscan


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