Universal ultrasonic thickness gauge with large high contrast display, integrated extra functions and various modes of measuring, possibility to work with all double-crystal transducers at the range from 4 to 10 MHz and built in memory – everything to guarantee comfort work at any object of inspection. The patented algorithm of automatic adaptation to the surface curvature and roughness (dynamical threshold) makes it possible to perform measuring at corroded surfaces with small radius of curvature as well as at flat smooth surfaces without any additional adjustments, which makes the process of inspection much easier and faster.

Product features

Thickness measurement range(for steel) with transducer D1771 4.0A0D12CL from 0,7 to 300,0 mm
Discreteness of thickness measuring for thickness range: from 0,7 to 99,99 mm 0,01; 0,1 mm
from 100,0 to 300,0 mm 0,1 mm
Basic measurement accuracy for thickness X, mm not more: for thickness from 0,7 to 3,0 mm ±(0,01Х+0,1) mm
for thickness from 3,01 to 99,99 mm ±(0,01Х+0,05) mm
Minimum curvature radius 10 mm
Ultrasound velocity range from 500 to 19 999 m/с
Display type TFT
Power built-in LiPol accumulator
Operation time without re-charging 9h
Operating temperature from -20 to +50 °С
Size of the electronic unit 161 х 70 х 24 mm
Weight of the electronic unit 210 g

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