Thickness Measurement

Turnkey Solution even for glowing materials or wet processes.


QuellTech opted for a combined configuration of two opposed laser line models, mutually displaced in an angle of 180°, with the material to be measured passing between them (works with Q4, Q5 and Q6). Each of the devices records a height profile of the corresponding surface. The height profiles of the faces are subtracted from each other, resulting in a two-dimensional thickness profile. With a transversal motion of the material (relatively to the profile direction), the result is delivered in form of a two-dimensional illustration of the thickness measurement in 3D. The QuellTech user software in this complete solution enables individual tolerance ranges to be defined and trends -caused e.g. by worn tools- to be discovered. This means that the software can be parametrized by the user without further programming steps.

Machine vision system
  • Sheet thickness measurement equipment
  • Turn key solution
  • Contact free 3D measurement

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