The ultra-thin board package consists of a special cylinder conguration with additional double-acting cylinders. Its concept enables the production of ultra-thin engineered boards in a reliable and stable process. A standard ContiRoll® has a degassing zone in its front section. Double-acting cylinders serve to lift the sides of the press gap to enable a controlled degassing. Since ultra-thin boards are produced at especially high speeds, this standard degassing zone is not long enough for the mat to degas. The optional ultra-thin board package includes additional dierential cylinders functioning as double-acting cylinders to extend the degassing zone signicantly. Dierential cylinders in the remaining part of the press ensure that the upper and the lower steel belts do not make contact during ultra-thin board production, even if there were no mat in-between. Features Additional dierential cylinders operating as double-acting cylinders

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Thin Board
  • Siempelkamp Contiroll
  • Contiroll Thin Board
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  • degassing zone
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