Thread Sewing Machine Ventura MC 160

The Perfect Introduction to Thread Sewing


Bookbinders dream of deep stitched book blocks and having each signature correctly positioned – with maximum efficiency. The Ventura MC 160 thread sewing machine makes this dream come true. The new 160 cycle thread sewing machine processes all standard sizes and fold types. It is clear and compact, yet it offers the numerous advantages of its very successful “big sister”, the Ventura MC 200, with the same design basis. The entrylevel model is easy to operate and features the triedandtested Muller Martini stitching center, as well as many other features that usually only come with highend machines. With its excellent priceperformance ratio, it provides outstanding stitching quality.

Printing and setting - machinery and equipment
  • stitched book
  • bookbinders machine
  • book sewing

Product features

Max. cycles / hour 9600
Max. signature format 425 x 320 mm

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