Using TAPTITE 2000® ensures that in metal-joining applications, you can eliminate work processes such as tapping and the use of additional fastening elements. The fastener is screwed straight into a cast or drilled core hole. The polygonal cross-section geometry of the shaft of the screw ensures that the thread is chiplessly formed, so that if a repair is needed it can accept a conventional threaded screw. This provides some significant quality advantages: easy to position the screw low tapping torque high vibration resistance high vibration resistance high pre-load forces high assembly reliability Your commercial benefits: The overall cost of fastenings is reduced by up to 88%.

Mechanical transmission - components
  • Thread-rolling
  • thread-tapping
  • screw

Product features

Feature (1) easy to position the screw
Feature (2) low tapping torque
Feature (3) high vibration resistance
Feature (4) high pre-load forces
Feature (5) high assembly reliability

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Just how does thread-tapping in metals work?

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