Three-Phase Transformers



Three-phase energy-efficient isolating transformer Identification Article number: SPT10000/D/BTE Code: 1770 EAN code: 5414503105332 Brand: EREA Type: Energy-efficient isolating transformer Electrical characteristics Power (VA): 10000 Primary voltage AC (Vac): 400 Secondary voltage AC (Vac): 230-400 Frequency (Hz): 50-60 Dielectric constant (Vac): 4500 Dielectric constant in relation to mass (Vac): 2500 Insulation resistance (MΩ): 200 Yield (%): 97,1 Pcu (W): 220,0 Po (W): 78,0 Voltage drop (dU%): 2,0 General characteristics Standards: EN 61558-2-4-...

Electricity - distribution

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