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Thrust Ball Bearings


Thrust ball bearings are separable axial bearings. Features of thrust ball bearings: ideal for reduced and medium speeds they bear relatively high axial loads separable and easy to assemble Single direction thrust ball bearings can accomodate axial loads in one direction and thus locate a shaft axially in one direction. Double direction thrust ball bearings can accomodate axial loads acting in both directions and thus serve to axially locate a shaft in both directions. These bearings, in both versions, have been designed to withstand only axial loads and must not be subjected to radial loads of any kind. Series: 51100, 51200, 51300, 51400 APPLICATIONS: Earthmoving machinery Agricultural machinery Pumps Cleaning Equipment / Industrial cleaning machines Bottling / Filling carousels Electric motors Fitness machines Metalworking machines Glass, marble and woodworking machines Automatic opening systems Oil Industry Oil and Gas rotary tables Vertical shafts