Electronical Torque & Pulse Controller The VDI Directive 2862 for the use of Tightening Systems in the Automobile Industry is classifying bolt joints into three precise categories. The directive also is a guideline for the selection and the use of suitable assembly tools or tightening systems. According to the directive security related bolt joints shall be counted, documented and of course be tightened with the proper preload force. To achieve this Yokota equipped the impulse wrenches with an integrated transducer. In combination with Yokota's electronical controller YETC-210 torque values can be controlled, monitored and, of course, recorded. The also monitored pulse number refers as a second parameter. An exact parameterization to individual joint characteristic (soft/hard) is feasible. Yokota's YETC controller measures, judges, counts and documents all tightened joints and if neccessary, files them in a computer. Communication between the controller and the computer...

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