Tightg. System (torque/pulses)

Impulse Wrench YEX


EC Impulse Tools Yokota YEX series impulse wrenches feature an integrated torque transducer (system wrenches). In combination with a controller YETC-210 the torque can be set, judged and stored thus enabling to document that the correct joint was made, in case of product liability claims. The system impulse wrenches only need 1 - 2 seconds for each joint. The tools have no kick-back and perfectly fit in a Poka Yoke assembly area. Applying reaction-free Yokota impulse wrenches at the assembly line reduces the RSI risk significantly. Key Features Equipped with the patented Yokota Twin Blade Impulse Mechanism. Integrated transducer enables full torque control. Four strain gauges are positioned on the mainshaft, picking up the twisting torque on the main shaft at each impulse as close as possible to the socket. The electric signals are transmitted by induction through the internal and external coils. Due to this principle the Yokota transducer is very reliable, accurate and...

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