Tilt Lock Machine Vice with Positive Locking is able to set up at any angle with positive locking. Tilt Lock Machine Vice with Positive Locking has grey cast iron made body. Upper angle base of Tilt Lock Machine Vice can incline from the horizontal position to the vertical position and lower angle setting base can incline up to 45 degree in both right and left directions. Tilt Lock Vices can with stand heavy jobs. Top & Bottom of vice bed, bottom & both sides of jaws & all jaw mounting surfaces are precision ground. By reversing the jaw plates the jaws are raised & can be fitted to both ends of the fixed jaws & the moveable jaws. The four different positions of jaw plates pair are available for more gripping area. Coolant through on vise body and swivel base. Chip clearance holes , no dead pockets. Swivel handle allows the screw head revolved on machine table. The vice can be disassembled and repaired by regrinding.

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  • Tilt Lock Machine Vice - Kurt Type - Swivel Base Manufacturer and Exporter India
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