Timber I-Beam

Structural timber I-beam for trussed rafters and floor and ceiling structures


Karkas Komplekt has been operating on the market for over thirteen years and has established itself as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of timber I-beams in Russia and Europe. The mission and goal of our company is to promote Canadian timber I-beam production technology on the Russian and European markets, as well as to control and improve the quality of the produced structures. In order to achieve this, we use Nascor technology and purchase materials only from the best Russian and foreign manufacturers. All our products are certified and have successfully passed all strength tests. Our products are recognized as one of the most rigid and reliable timber structures in construction. Moreover, our products go through a triple rejection process before the customer receives the order.

Building materials
  • prefabricated beams
  • building timber
  • Buildings, prefabricated

Product features

БДК SERIES I-BEAM (38*241/302) The БДК beams are designed for use in buildings with short bays
БДКУ, БДКУ-Л SERIES I-BEAM (64*241/302/356/406) Due to their wide flanges, the БДКУ beams have a large fixing area and high strength
БДКШ, БДКШ-Л SERIES I-BEAM (89*241/302/356/406/457) The БДКШ beams are used as rafters in buildings with extremely high loads and extra-long bays
СДКУ SERIES I-BEAM POST (64*140) Glued I-beam post, reinforced, used as the core element of the wall framing
СДКШ SERIES I-BEAM POST (89*140) Glued I-beam post, wide, used for the production of the wall panels

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