Timber beams Tavr

Timber beams Tavr are as a bearing element of wall formwork.


Tavr timber beams are designated for application as a bearing element of wall formwork. Our beams are supplied with plastic caps that helps to protect them from damages and prolong it`s service life. Wooden flanges are made of oriented wood. Plywood web made of high-quality Northern coniferous trees is 24 mm wide with the length of up to 3 meters which is produced of undisturbed strip. During production for length of over 3 meters beam wall is interlocked with a quality longitudinal pin (3 cm). The web and flanges are fixated by glued mini-dovetail jointing. High load-bearing capacity of the beams allows large spans that helps to reduce the quantity of beams used. Warranty period is 40 cycles. We use only modern European manufacturing equipment and pay much attention to the quality control.

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