Tool Balancer Type 7245

Load range: 55 - 125 kg | Cable travel: 1,8 m


Facts: Compact design with a single suspension spring Freely rotating and swivelling screw-type spring hook for suspension Housing and housing cover of high-strength chill-cast aluminum Cable drum of high-strength chill-cast aluminum Closed ball bearings • High-strength special suspension spring • High-strength steel cable • Infinitely adjustable cable stop buffer • Infinitely variable load setting via endless screw Safety: Closed unit Rigid, impact-resistant design Suspension via screw-type spring hook (rotating and swivelling design) Includes safety expansion chain as fall protection Integrated mechanism for locking the cable drum High-strength special suspension spring Spring fracture safeguard is standard Cable overload protection via cable extension limit stop Screw-type spring hook for load suspension GS-certified

Lifting equipment - accessories
  • tool balancer
  • ergonomic tool support
  • accessories for machine tools

Product features

Load range: 55.0 - 125.0 kg
Cable travel: 1.8 m
Certificate: DIN 15112 / GS

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