In addition to the consumables, we also provide special machines, devices and accessories for performing the various Thermit ® welding processes for all types of track, e.g. Flame cutting and preheating, autogenous technology Aligning the rail joint Work equipment for performing the various Thermit ® welding processes, e.g. mould shoes, slag pans, clamping devices, preheating burners Machining the rail joint after performing a Thermit ® weld You can find a comprehensive overview in our product catalogue. Gas cylinder warmer for propane Gas cylinder warmer for propane Increase reliability at low temperatures for Thermit ® welding processes Benefits Uniform heat transfer Prevents gas cylinders from icing up at low outside temperatures Guaranteed long service life and reliability even under harsh construction site conditions Oil, dirt and grease retardant, weather resistant Optimum fit and easy to use Retainers for increased stability Overheating not possible Features Suitable for use together with 19 kg/20 kg and 33 kg propane cylinders Sturdy industrial design made from high grade materials Parallel heating band with positive temperature coefficient and dynamic power output All-round fabric straps with quick release fasteners and additional retaining elements Integrated cutout


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