GIT-260 tensioning tool, for stainless steel ties of width 0.37 to 0.75inch (9.5~19.0mm), utilizes manual operation to tension and cut off stainless steel tie. Tensioning tools provides consistent use over many cycles and ergonomic non-slip cushioned handles for comfort and control. Recommended stainless steel ties: Width:0.37 to 0.75 inch (9.5~19.0mm) ; Thickness up to 0.01 inch ( 0.3 mm)

Product features

Material Metal
Width 9.5~19.0 mm
inch 0.37~0.75
Thickness 0.8 mm
inch 0.03
Dimension 260x200x78 mm
inch 10.24x7.87x3.07
spec_dimension_inch 1870 g
lbs 4.11

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