Material: Polyurethane (PU) with steel cord reinforcement Profile AT: Endless toothed belt with trapezoidal profile and reinforced steel cord (compared to T-Series) with metric pitch. Optimised tooth profile for more uniform force distribution and lower tooth deformation under load. Reduced polygon effect for quieter belt operation. The toothed belts are intended for drives where precision is a requirement, safety is important and the effects of chemicals are a concern. Profile T: With trapezoidal profile to DIN 7721 T1 with metric pitch. Ideal for drives with high belt flexibility. Permits smallest pulley diameters. Temperature range: -30°C to +90°C Characteristics: - maintenance-free - high-power transmission - minimal belt extension - accurate positioning and angles - very good chemical resistance, especially to oils, greases and fuels - extremely high abrasion resistance - transmits power up to 70 kW (Profile T: up to 30 kW) - reliable speed up to 10,000 rpm

Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories
  • toothed belts
  • endless toothed belt
  • toothed belt trapezoidal profile

Product features

Material Polyurethane, steel cord reinforcement

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