Toothed belt brushes from Kullen complement the belt brush range and offer one advantage in the feeding technique which the others do not: they can be set to a measurable cycle time. We only use standard toothed belts made of polyurethane with especially welded studs for fixing the fill material. The toothed belts are resistant against humidity, oils, greases and most chemicals. They can be used at temperatures between -15°C up to 80°C. Our experience shows that the required variations of toothed belt brushes are specific according to the customer's application and thus are normally produced ready to be installed as an endless unit. This brush type is available in common widths (KB) of standard toothed belts divided in T5, T10 and T20. The belt length depends on your requirements. You should always inform us about the inside belt length. The maximum belt speed is 6 m/s. Mainly natural hairs and bristles, plant fibres and synthetic bristles (PP, PA, etc.) are used, so all kinds of...

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