At the heart of every Priorclave is the TACTROL® microprocessor control system, specially developed for laboratory autoclaves. From simple cycles to fully featured multi-program operation with printed records, this unique control system allows unrivalled flexibility. Load Sensed Process Timing uses an internal probe placed in the load to give guaranteed sterilisation times. If a printer is fitted load temperature is included on the printed record. Process Printer: Temperature and time are printed at key stages of the cycle. Pressure and load temperature printing options are also available. Fitted to all Priorclaves Media Warming keeps sterilised media ‘ready to pour’ at the end of the cycle. An end to early morning starts to melt media! 2-Year Warranty Package: Peace of mind with Installation, Preventative Maintenance and parts replacement cover for the first 2 years of ownership at a much reduced price. ***** ASK FOR A QUOTE *****

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