Top-loading industrial wash

Automatic washing unit


A professional component spray washing unit with rotating basket or ramps and easy-to-open lid. Washing of parts effectively removes oil and grease contaminants, sand, dirt, dust. The unique Geyser Spray solution spraying system delivers a solution under pressure to the surfaces of items to be cleaned. The set of multidirectional nozzles allows the jets to penetrate into the most difficult-to-reach parts of the item. This guarantees high-quality cleaning. The efficient cleaning of surfaces that helps to remove a wide variety of contaminants is carried out with and alkaline cleaning solution heated to a predetermined temperature.

Cleaning machines, industrial
  • Surface treatment - machinery and equipment
  • Blast cleaning equipment
  • Parts cleaning machines

Product features

Basket diameter Min 550 mm, Max 1400 mm
Washing space height Min. 400 mm, Max 780 mm
Capacity (maximum) 400 kg

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