At systeco you find an innovative and eco friendly cleaning machine for environmental friendly cleaning without a pressure washer and dry ice blasting. The Elite Plus version of the Tornado ACS cleaning machine includes all parts of the Elite system. In addition, the package contains even more wear and additional parts as well as a total of 16 containers of abrasive and an 8-year warranty extension. With this carefree package you are completely secure. Accessories and blasting media: 1 hose package with transport container XXL 2 jet lances and 1 jet hood with foot seal 1 sealing plate, 1 baffle plate 3 foot sealing sets (a. 4 foot seals with fleece) 3 packs of replacement glass panes (a. 15 pieces) 1 adapter for inside corners, 1 adapter for outside corners 1 adapter for internal rounding, 1 adapter for external rounding 1 adapter cross corners´ 140 litres of granulate of 10 litres each in the granulate container 1 NS 450, 3 SG 150, 2 SG 300, 2 AS 90, 2 AS 250 ...

  • Vacuum machines

Product features

granulate consumption 10l granulate - approx. 80 m2
negative pressure 220 mbar
noise level 75 db
origin Germany
weight approx. 41 kg


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