Torque Gauges



High precision Torque Gauge for measuring of micro torque and tightening Suitable for fine torque measurements required in inspection, research and assembly of small parts, such as precision instruments, electronic products. There are various application types, e.g. for measuring rotating objects, also for measuring torque on orthodontic springs et al. Graduation and side memory pointer (except ATG045CN) are on the body. This ensures excellent visibility in different operating positions. ATG models have a three-jaw chuck which firmly grasp the object. Main body and chuck are locked when pushing “push lock button”. Push lock button makes body and chuck secured while using chuck. Key Features Accuracy ± 2% Bi-directional measurement – cw / ccw. Dial scaled 270 degrees each direction, built-in overload protection. Models with -S suffix have additional memory pointer in top display. Aluminium cover and steel cuck (#321) as standard. Shipping List Torque Gauge Firm Safe...

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