Torque Gauges



Digital Torque Gauge with flip-up Display High precision handheld digital torque gauge with integrated LC display to measure small torque. Ideal for measurement, inspection, and tightening of precision machineries and electric devices. Flip-up display can be adjusted for optimal reading and accommodates various testing positions. BTGE-G series products are manufactured for the global market and offer a selection of SI, metric and American units of measurement. Equipped with SI calibration as standard. Optionally available with calibration in anglo-saxon (ozf·in, lbf·in) or in metric (kgf·cm) units. There are various application types, even for measuring rotating objects. Combined with Measurement Board (No. 809), it can be fixed to use as torque screwdriver checker, etc. Key Features Bi-directional accuracy ± 2% + 1 digit. Measurement modes: Peak, Track. 4 changeable units of measure: cN·m, kgf·cm, ozf·in, lbf·in. Available for measuring rotating objects. Three-jaw keyless...

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