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Accurate torque wrench testing at a very affordable price! Sturtevant Richmont's VeriTorq is an excellent tester for intermediate checks (simple checks between calibrations) of all types of tools and for calibration of clicker-type torque wrenches and clutch-type torque screwdrivers. VeriTorq brings accurate torque wrench testing to the “That can save me money!” level – for companies large and small. If you have 10 or more torque wrenches that you send out for calibration – whether to the manufacturer or an independent laboratory – you can now bring those calibrations in-house and turn expense to profit. VeriTorq is so simple to use and so affordable that it can even be put at the assembly line for use at the start of each shift. How simple? Perhaps 15 minutes to install. Maybe another 15 minutes to learn to use accurately and efficiently. Four buttons operate everything simple. You could have your first two torque wrenches calibrated within an hour of opening the box. And...

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