The Datum Electronics Series RS425 bearingless torque transducer has been designed to fit easily in line with any drive-train or test rig, using either a spline or key-way shaft. We are able to modify the ends of the transducer to best suit your requirements, and can even design bespoke ends to fit. This type of transducer has many advantages over other torque systems including zero bearing friction, high speed and high torque applications. The Series 425 Torque Transducers can be adapted to replace exiting drive shafts on test rigs and in drive lines, this saves the time and cost of designing in special couplings and intermediate shafts to accommodate conventional transducers. By measuring torque on longer drive shaft you prove the accuracy of the measurement and its tolerance to offset loads. Using a direct replacement with a lightweight rotor the dynamics of the driveline are maintained. ** Click for more **

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