Torque limiter overload safety clutch for torques of 3.5 Ncm - 1200 Ncm Torque limiter and overload safety clutch with permanent magnet. A product which can be used in all lines of the industry. In the engineering one demands the torque limitation as mechanical overload protection, which enables besides the set torque also adjustable intermediate values. This torque limiter meets this requirement. The device distinguishes itself by its compact design and because it is absolutely maintenance free. Due to expanded standard rows the device is quite suitable for the serial use. Possibilities of use: Protection and safety for drive units and machines Permanent brake or slip mode at constant torque Limitation of the torque in machine tools, machines processing plastic, carton, paper and textiles. Machines processing films, wire and cables Technical data Torque limiter Design Type Torque Power dissipation (W) S LC 00 0,5-3,5 Ncm 1) 4 E LC 0 2-6 Ncm 10 E LC 1 5-15 Ncm 10 E LC 3 12-30 Ncm 10 E LC 10 30-100 Ncm 28 E LC 20 60-200 Ncm 28 E LC 50 200-600 Ncm 80 E LC 100 400-1200 Ncm 80 1) Factory default only Other sizes on request . Table Performance data “Torque limiter”

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