Torque sensor for measuring the load in the test bench Sensor for measuring torques The torque sensor works independent of the speed and is used in static torque measurements. The mounting position is freely selectable, the measurement is made wear-free. The device is structured as reaction torque sensor and is installed one-sided torque proof. According to the force direction of the torque, the sensor delivers together with an amplifier (option) a signal of 0-10 VDC and 0-20 mA over the whole measurement range. Technical data Torque sensor measurement range 0 - 100 % nominal characteristic value 0.8 mV/V from final value accuracy 0.5 % from final value at 20°C permissible overload 15 % from final value supply voltage 10 VDC bridge impedance 350 Ohm temperature in operation -30 ... +80°C compensation range -30 ... +80°C zero deviation 0,02% / °C housing aluminium Type TRS 05 TRS 50 TRS 100 TRS 200 nominal torque 5 Nm 50 Nm 100 Nm 200 Nm Load cells are used everywhere where forces or loads are required for the display or feedback of the actual value into closed-loop systems. The load cell is a sensor and is used to capture and measure pressure forces up to 2000 N. The pressure force has to work vertically on the sensor. The measuring chain consists of the load cell, a compact mechanical component with low dimensions, a safe overload protection, jumper connections and a high sensibility as well as an electronic measuring amplifier. The load cell can be installed in any position and thus it can be used universally. The force measurement is based on the transformation of the mechanical measured quantity via strain gauges - full-bridge circuit into a proportional electric output signal. Technical data Load cell measurement range 1:20 repeating accuracy ± 1% rated voltage 5V max. voltage 10V measuring signal at 5V and nominal load approx. 6.5 mV impedance of the DMS bridge 350 Ohm temperature coefficient 2mV/K operating temperature -10..+80°C weight with connector 620g bullet with 4 poles UTG 10-4 Load cell KM2 KM4 KM8 nominal measuring force 100N 500N 2000N overloadable up to 1000N 5000N 20000N


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