The SONIQTWIST® torsional welding process developed and patented by TELSONIC is an extremely gentle method of applying energy which significantly reduces the unwanted vibration input into the welded object. This makes it possible to also weld delicate products, such as sensors in a gentle process. Applications and industries TELSONIC's torsional process is successfully used where the classical longitudinal ultrasonics technology reaches its limits. Welding and weld forming of thermoplastics Cut-and-seal of textiles, fleeces and foils Metal welding connections, with point and surrounding geometry Low-vibration welding of electronic components Producing the peel-off function, e.g. aluminium covers Seal welding of aluminium packaging without plastic coating

Ultrasound systems - Processing plastics
  • torsional welding
  • Ultrasonic metal welding
  • Ultrasound plastic welding

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