MULTI MONT couplings have been built in series since 1958. This pluggable claw coupling that has been successfully proven over a number of decades has been permanently updated to the state of the art, and the MULTI MONT SELLA, MULTI MONT DEKA and MULTI MONT GIANT series nowadays cover a torque range from 40 to 1 000 000 Nm. Advantages of MULTI MONT-SELLA, -DEKA, -GIGANT: compensate for axial-, radial- und angular misalignments absorb shocks and vibrations Series spans 22 sizes covering torque ranges from 40 Nm to 1 000 000 Nm are well suited as plug-in type couplings ensuring ease of assembly and alignment allow prompt and easy radial change of the flexible elements are maintenance-free are customizeable for almost every type of mounting situation We are glad to see that you are interested in our product line and are happy to answer all questions! Please use our contact form or call us: +49 234 959160. For additional information regarding designs, sizes or technical details...

Product features

Product type Torsionally flexible claw couplings
Torque range 40 Nm - 1 000 000 Nm
Temperature range -40°C - 100°C

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