Torsionally rigid couplings

Barrel coupling


The barrel coupling consists of a sleeve provided with semicircular toothing around its internal diameter and a hub that is externally toothed in a similar way. A series of cylindrical barrels, of hardened steel, are inserted in the holes formed by this toothing to act as power transmission elements. Covers with their corresponding special seals serve to assure the perfect tightness of the inner zone, preventing the penetration of dust and guaranteeing the continuity of the necessary lubrication. The most important characteristics and adcantages of barrel roll couplings: for alignment error compensation for ease of assembly especially wear-resistant with high durability minimises effect of alternative bending of the torque on the toothing designed for bearing large radial loads by distributing them over large barrel support surfaces Perfect tightness of the inner zone prevent the penetration of dust We are glad to see that you are interested in our product line and are happy to...

Product features

Product type Torsionally rigid steel barrel coupling
Torque range 1200 Nm - 7 780 000 Nm
Temperature range -20°C - 100°C

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