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Total-Meter™ Flow Meter Verified by Europages badge

Electronic Flow Meters - Industrial Gas Flow Totalizing Meter


The Total-Meter™ is a fully calibrated electronic flow meter with a built-in flow totalizing function. The Total-Meter™ utilizes field-proven differential pressure flow measurement technology to accurately monitor industrial liquids or gases. The actual flow rate is displayed locally on the 4 digit LED display and is also retransmitted with a scalable 4-20mA output for remote monitoring. In addition, the Total-Meter™ tracks total volumetric consumption up to 999,999,999,999 engineering units and will communicate using the ModbusRTU protocol over RS-485/232. The Total-Meter™ is designed to be piped directly into a gas or liquid pipeline and requires minimal space. Integrated programmable flow alarm output can be configured to trigger either high or low flow alarm situations based on actual flow rates.