The TL Micro and TL Nano laser systemscan measure tools at the rated speed without making contact. With the aid of the included measuring cycles you can measure tool lengths and diameters, inspect the form of the individual teeth and check for tool wear or breakage. The control automatically saves the results of measurement in a tool table. The measurement is very fast and uncomplicated. Under program control, the NC control positions the tool and starts the measuring cycle. This is always possible: before machining, between two machining steps, or after machining is done. The axially focused laser beam measures tools as small as 0.03 mm in diameter at a repeatability of up to ±0.2 µm.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • touch probe
  • machine tool
  • heidenhain

Product features

Probing method Non-contacting by laser beam
Probing directions 2-dimensional: ±X (or ±Y), +Z
Probing forces operates without contact
Tool materials Any
Signal transmission Cable

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