Touch Probes - TS 460 / 642 / 740

Touch Probes - TS 460 / 642 / 740


The TS workpiece touch probes from HEIDENHAIN help you perform setup, measuring and inspection functions directly on the machine tool. The stylus of a TS touch trigger probe is defl ected upon contact with a workpiece surface. At that moment the TS generates a trigger signal that is transmitted either by cable, an infrared or radio beam to the control. The control simultaneously saves the actual position values as measured by the machine axis encoders, and uses this information for further processing.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • touch probe
  • machine tool

Product features

Probe accuracy ≤ ±5 µm / ≤ ±1 µm
Probing velocity ≤ 5 m/min
Protection EN 60 529 IP67
Operating temperature 10 °C to 40 °C
Signal transmission Infrared

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