Hitachi High-Technologiees Europe GmbH is very pleased to introduce Toyal Vacuum Insulation Panels to the European Market. Our VIP's advantages are represented by Low Thermal conductivity, light weight, opportunity to save space and save energy and its eco-friendly performance. Features Low Thermal Conductivity: The VIP achieves the best performance of insulation in the market. Using the know-how in the field of laminating materials as an aluminum foil manufacturer, with the combination of a new developed core material (glass wool), it achieves superior performance. (a thermal conductivity: in 0.0020W/m, k *1) Leight Weight: Compared to our conventional core material, it is 1/4 lighter. It is the best solution in the wide-ranging field which requires lighter weight, such as automobile, refrigerator, cooler box, thermos, etc.

Electrical insulation

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