We are deeply committed to keeping thorough administrative records and providing our customers with all the management information they want, whenever they want it. Using our track & trace system, we can inform you of the arrival or delivery of your goods, as well as the exact status of the transport process at every point in between. Every Verkooijen lorry has an on-board computer that meticulously tracks the time spent loading, unloading, and in transit. Not to monitor our drivers, but to enable precise, efficient operations and to provide you, our customer, with up-to-the-minute information at all times. That’s how we’re able to achieve maximum efficiency: with detailed real-time information! It goes without saying that we take perfect administrative care of your transport projects, including all the required customs documentation. That enables us to receive T1 goods without a hitch in our bonded warehouse. Thanks to our years of experience and constant attention to changes in


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