The non-contact Calipri C42 measurement device with infrastructure measurement modules meets the rail industry's need for a simple profile gauge with user-independent results for complete track testing. CALIPRI stands for multifunctionality all along the line. The non-contact measuring technology allows the inspection of rail profile, switch profile and track geometry with one and the same measuring device. The patented CALIPRI principle automatically corrects user errors and thus leads to reproducible measurement results. The measuring system consists of a sensor and a tablet PC for defining the measuring sequence and entering limit values. Tolerances that are exceeded are indicated to the user by a traffic light system. The measurement data can then be printed or exported as a report.

Railway stock and equipment
  • Profile Measurement
  • Track Gauge
  • Rail Measurement

Product features

Technology Laser light section
Measurement Modules Rail, Switch, Track Geometry, Equivalent Conicity

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CALIPRI C42 Track Geometry

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