Use Each unit has 4 steel, wide-tread wheels. The wheels are mounted between steel side plates, the whole being surmounted by 2 U beams. The U beams are not removable. The side plates can only be made removable on request. Electrical insulation on request. The lorries can be easily lifted of the track and placed on the track-side verge. The loads must be uniformly distributed. Higher tonnages must be considered at the design stage according to the rail and use outside the private siding area. The dimensions and the force are given for the reference track. These lorries can be produced for a different gauge on request. For the transport of all types of materials by rail. These devices are made up of two units, completely independent of one another or linked by a coupling bar (optional). They can also be used for mobile storage. The units can be spaced at the desired distance, according to the loads to be transported.


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